Many of you have been waiting for this for a LONG ass time. A nice fusion of RXE and FSD – superb work !

TeamFSD Once again brings your XBOX 360 to the next level.

I am honoured to present to you Freestyle 3. A seamless combination of existing FSD code with Future RxE Code.
Now before i hear the screams and woes. RxE is being worked on, but due to technical and staffing limitations
it is taking much longer than anticipated.

This release will bring to you some of the major improvements researched for RXE and allow you to use them today.
There is of course Coverflow as well as an enhaced HTTP service (fixes the chrome connection bug).
Also we are bringing indie support (with dashlaunch) to your gamelist.
And of course , how could i forget, Kinect integration throughout the entire dash. Both voice and gesture based controls.

it explains the kinect gestures and informs you of requirements for how to make it all work.

** NOTE ** if you install this over your existing FSD it will DELETE YOUR DATABASE.
you have been warned.

With pleasure, TeamFSD.

Download: Visit RealModScene


Team Xecuter


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