Some of these products will require dis-assembly and re-assembly of the products you own. You are fully responsible for the implementation and use of any product that is ordered. The customer is liable for the use, mis-use and implementation
We are not responsible for price fluctuations whether they are increases or decreases in pricing. Prices typically depend on competitor pricing, as well as the quantity we order which reflects the wholesale price we received.
We are not responsible for pricing errors on our website.
All prices on our website are in ZAR funds.
We are not responsible for issues with customs.
If you order a preorder item with an item that is in stock, your order will not ship until the preorder item arrives. If you want to receive in stock items quickly, do not order it with a preorder item as the complete order will ship once all items are in stock.

Refunds, Exchanges,and Returns

We do not accept returns because of the nature of the products. This is also to assure our customers that we only sell new merchandise.

If a product is defective, we will exchange it within a 30 day timeframe from when you receive your order. The customer is responsible for shipping the item back, however if the product is indeed found to befactory defective and not as a result of damage done by the customer, we will ship it back to you at our cost. If the product is not found to be defective, there will be a shipping fee to send it back.
Please check for compatibility of products before you order! We are unable to accept returns/exchanges on used products once they have been opened/installed as we want to ensure our customers that we only sell brand new products!
We can only exchange your item for a product of equal or greater value.
The customer will need to contact us for an RMA when requesting an exchange.Shipping costs are not refundable by any means.
If a package is refused, the customer is responsible for the R60 return fee.
Order cancellations and any refunds will be refundable minus the 5% fee our merchant account company charges us for Online transactions.We do not Accept orderCancellationsfor Pre-Orders.
After the Installation Service is done Successfully, an unInstallationof a product working within its prescribed limits willamounttotwicetheworkmanshipcost. So please Inquire before you order a Installation Service for it will cost alot to undo it.


We provide a 30 day warranty on our products. There will be no exceptions to this unless otherwise noted. We will be very strict on this 30 day warranty policy.

E-mails and Questions

E-mails are typically responded to within 48 hours as we go through e-mails multiple times a day. If you have e-mailed us on a weekend, it may take longer for us to respond.
By ordering from us, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditionsas stated above.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agreethat you have read every single word on the product page for the item you are buying. If you are buying 5 different items, this means you have read all 5 product listings. If you are buying a product that contains multiple items, then you agree to have read all individual listings the product contains.

You are also agreeing to NOT use the product we supply for any illegal purposes, which include:

  • Playing commercial software you have not bought a license for (i.e. playing a copied retail game you have not purchased)
  • Playing movies/Mp3 files which you do not own

The DS flash cards we sell should ONLY be used for the following purposes:

  1. NDS/GBA game development. You can develop your own games by using development tools.
  2. Playing homebrewed NDS/GBA games. There are hundreds of applications and games you can download from the Internet for free. One website where you can download free applications and games is: and and dcEmuThere are also applications and games that are commercially developed, which you have to pay for. We do not condone the use of our flashcards to download or otherwise access games and applications that otherwise should and must be paid for; if you do you are committing a crime and if caught, will be punished.
  3. Playing MP3 songs or video clips that you paid for.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The South African laws will govern all disclaimers and terms and conditions. We do not support or condone piracy. We are not responsible for any misuse of products purchased from our website. It is the sole responsibility of the end-user to comply with laws associated with the use of ModChips in South Africa and in their destination country. ModChips are sold for the purposes of research and development. Subject to the Copyright Act of South Africa, No. 98 of 1978, s19B, if the ModChip is used to create a back up copy, the purchaser should ensure that the original media was purchased legally. The back up copy must not be used for commercial gain andIf users lose or damage the original, the backup copy must be destroyed.