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With over Six Years of Specialized PS3 Repair Experience and our state-of-the-art workshop, we can fix almost any problem the PS3 Console can have, with us you are rest assured to receive the absolute best in PS3 Console Repair Services.

Why Choose Us?

FREE Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Free Quotations – “NO Bench Fees, NO Diagnostic Fees”.

Free Pick-Up & Delivery Services in Select Areas (Offer Ends Soon!).
Pick-Up & Delivery Service in the Western Cape and Across South Africa.
UP to 1 Year Warranty!
Top Quality Repair Parts and Servicing Equipment.
Turn Around Time = 2 to 10 working days.

:: Thermal Control System Retrofit ::

PS3 Repairs | Thermal Control System Replacement / Repair

This service is for PlayStation 3 consoles that turn on normally but withing a few minutes (or seconds) experience a rapid increase in the cooling fan’s speed leading to the the console becoming abnormally loud. In most cases you will get a message on the screen saying “The system has become hot. Please turn off the system and wait a while before turning it on again.“.

This service is a Comprehensive Fix of all Sensor related overheating problems.

Service Details;

  • Price: R900 (All Inclusive)
  • Affected PS3 Models: PS3 Fat (Alpha series), PS3 Slim (2000 series), PS3 Slim (3000 series) & PS3 SuperSlim (4000 series).
  • Warranty Cover: 6 Months.

Public YouTube Video Demos;


Loud PS3 Slim Fan Noise:


Workshop Images;

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How do I send in my Console For Repairs?

Answer: If your located in the Western Cape you can Choose any of our >> Drop Off Locations <<. Optionally If you want to have your Console Collected right from your doorstep or if you are outside the reach of our Drop Off Locations, Console Extreme offers >> Pick-Up and Delivery Service Countrywide! <<. Our Curriers cover every nook and cranny in South Africa.


How can I Check the Status of a Console I sent in for Repairs?

Answer; If you Dropped-Off your Console at one of the >> Drop Off Locations <<. Simply follow the Instructions written on the Drop-Off form you Completed when dropping of the Console. We will then provide you updates regarding your Console via Email and SMS. 

Answer (2); However if you Signed Up for our >> Pick-Up and Delivery Service <<. You will be Automatically Sent your reference Number within 24 Hours. We will then provide you updates regarding your Console’s Status via Email and SMS.

* If you are having difficulties tracking the Status of your Console please email the Support Team. >> << .

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