Our Professional PS2 Repair Service includes these benefits:

:: Free Quotations ::

:: Pick Up and Delivery Across South Africa ::

:: Rapid repair times ::    :: Pre repair diagnosis test ::    :: Free Quote ::

:: After repair quality control test ::    :: Original Sony parts ::    :: After sales service & support :: :: Cleaned & Polished ::    :: Safe & secure return packaging ::    :: 90 Day+ warranty on Repairs :: 

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:: PlayStation 2 Repair Services ::

 PS2 Repairs | Not Reading Discs, Games and/or DVD Movies :;

Your Playstation 2 Games, DVD movies may be loading slowly, freezing during play, stuttering, plays music CD only or not loading and disk at all.

  • V12 to V18 | SCPH-7000_, to SCPH-9000_ (SLIM PS2 Versions) :: R400 (All Inclusive)
  • V1 to V11 | SCPH-1000_ to SCPH-5000_ (OLD PHAT PS2 Versions):: R450 (All Inclusive)

 PS2 Repairs | Tray Broken / Or won’t Close :: From R200  (All Inclusive)

  • Jammed Drives that won’t Close :: R200 (All Inclusive)
  • Broken / Destroyed Drive Door :: R400 (All Inclusive)

 PS2 Repairs | No Power, No Video, No Sound :; Free Quote

Often this is caused by a faulty mother board or a poor installation of a mod chip either way it can be rectified.

 PS2 Repairs | Controller / Memory Card – Ports :;

Console turns but does not respond to one or both controllers or memory cards. This can be a problem with the controllers, controller ports or the ribbon cable in which case it will cost R400 to fit it but in the slim consoles the controller ports are soldered on to the mother board in which case need to replace the motherboard.

  • OLD PHAT :: R400 (All Inclusive)
  • NEW SLIM :: R800 (All Inclusive)

 PS2 Repairs | Unit was dropped :; Free Quote

A Drop can result in one of more components becoming defective, we will analyze the level of damage on the Console for free and give you a quote for the Cost of Repairs.

 PS2 Repairs | Miscellaneous :; Free Quote

If you experience any other faults with your PS2 not listed here, don’t panic, we can fix every single problem, Just Contact Us and let is know.


How do I send in my Console For Repairs?

Answer: If your located in the Western Cape you can Choose any of our >> Drop Off Locations <<. Optionally If you want to have your Console Collected right from your doorstep or if you are outside the reach of our Drop Off Locations, Console Extreme offers >> Pick-Up and Delivery Service Countrywide! <<. Our Curriers cover every nook and cranny in South Africa.


How can I Check the Status of a Console I sent in for Repairs?

Answer; If you Dropped-Off your Console at one of the >> Drop Off Locations <<. Simply follow the Instructions written on the Drop-Off form you Completed when dropping of the Console. We will then provide you updates regarding your Console via Email and SMS. 

Answer (2); However if you Signed Up for our >> Pick-Up and Delivery Service <<. You will be Automatically Sent your reference Number within 24 Hours. We will then provide you updates regarding your Console’s Status via Email and SMS.

* If you are having difficulties tracking the Status of your Console please email the Support Team. >> support@cextreme.com << .

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