About Console Extreme?

Answer: We’re a State of the art repair shop that specializes in Game Console Repairs. With our workshop based in Claremont, Cape Town and several drop off locations in Western Cape we take pride in offering high quality repair service in every nook and cranny in South Africa.


Where is Console Extreme Located?

Answer: We’re located within a Building Complex On Protea Road, Claremont. However due to Access Restrictions we do not accept Console’s directly at the Workshop.


How do I send in my Console For Repairs?

Answer: If your located in the Western Cape you can Choose any of our Drop Off Locations. Optionally If you want to have your Console Collected right from your doorstep or if you are outside the reach of our Drop Off Locations, Console Extreme offers Pick-Up and Delivery Service Countrywide! Our Curriers cover every nook and cranny in South Africa.
Answer: In the Menus above under “Services >>” click! “Service Tracking System“. You must have already received and email from the Tracking System before you can Log in. If you haven’t contact SUPPORT below.


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